TRW logo and design explorations for grammar

Along with our creative partners at Grammar, we explored a series of 3D textures and logo treatments for Evoke and other clients. These explorations took the form of a freeform abstract video and a myriad of ways of bringing a logo to life, through texture, form and movement. Below are some of those explorations.

Evoke 3D Texture and Shape Explorations

Evoke has a secondary mark, apart from the logo, as represented by the undulating finned shape below. We were tasked with bringing it to life from the vector world…into the 3D. We explored shape and texture, coming up with 2 different ways of defining the ridges…5 textures…and a contact sheet of about 100 unique angles. Selects were made given usage and multi-passes were given to allow for full flexibility by the design team in configuring the elements.

Material Selects

Below are some uses of texture for background.

Further Logo and Motion Explorations

To the right is a material + logo exploration using an ‘F’ shape that came to us as a vector. As its properties are not true to realistic three-dimensional proportions, we had to fake the angles of the objects in 3D in order to achieve the nearly isometric appearance of the logo.